John R. Phillips named a top litigator in Washington

"The nation's premier whistleblower attorney"

The National Law Journal has named John R. Phillips as one of the Top 10 civil litigators in Washington, D.C., and said he is considered "the nation's premier whistleblower attorney."

The NLJ also included Phillips in an earlier list of the 100 most influential attorneys in America.

In its March 29, 1999 issue, the NLJ said:

"The district is home to several litigation pioneers, including John R. Phillips. . . . Mr. Phillips helped write Congress' 1986 revision of the False Claims Act, which allows private citizens to sue companies that are defrauding the government and to recover damages and penalties on the government's behalf. This set off a wave of qui tam litigation, much of it handled by Mr. Phillips and his firm."

The article noted that qui tam cases brought by Phillips and his firm have resulted in settlements recovering more than $700 million for the U.S. Treasury.