ABC World News Tonight features successful HCA whistleblower represented by qui tam attorneys Phillips & Cohen

June 28, 2003 – John Schilling, whose qui tam lawsuit was part of a $631 million settlement by HCA , was featured today on ABC World News Tonight.

Schilling, a former reimbursement manager for Columbia in Florida, was represented by Phillips & Cohen LLP. He alleged in his lawsuit that HCA, the nation's largest healthcare provider, defrauded the federal government by filing fraudulent claims for reimbursement in its annual Medicare "cost reports."

"The company cheated the Medicare program, and they knew what they were doing," he told ABC World News.

Schilling filed his qui tam lawsuit in 1996. HCA agreed last December to settle it along with a eight other whistleblower cases, including a separate one brought by another Phillips & Cohen client, James Alderson..

When asked why he decided to file the lawsuit, Schilling said, "I wanted to set an example for my children in doing the right thing."

Schilling's and Alderson's lawsuits and a number of other whistleblower cases resulted in HCA paying the federal government a total of $1.7 billion. It was the nation's largest recovery from a government healthcare fraud investigation.