Attorney Erika Kelton suggests in International Herald Tribune that more countries adopt tax whistleblower incentives

Aug. 7, 2008 -- Whistleblower attorney Erika A. Kelton argues in an op-ed piece published today by the International Herald Tribune that other nations should consider creating financial incentives for tax whistleblowers similar to the Internal Revenue Service's whistleblower reward program.

". . . If they really want to get serious about tax fraud, they should treat their enforcement efforts as a business and pay for information about tax fraud, evasion and underpayments by corporations and wealthy individuals," says Kelton, an attorney with Phillips & Cohen LLP, which represents whistleblowers in tax fraud cases and qui tam lawsuits. "The return on such an investment would make it well worth the cost.

"In the U.S., a new program offering whistleblowers a percentage of tax funds recovered in cases involving more than $2 million already is having an impact."

To read the entire article, see "To catch a tax cheat," on the IHT website.