Legislative History

Sept. 18, 1985 -- False Claims Reform Act: Hearings before the Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedure of the Senate Judiciary Committee, 99th Congress, 1st Session.

Feb. 5 and 6, 1986 -- False Claims Act Amendments: Hearings before the Subcommittee on Administrative Law and Governmental Relations of the House Judiciary Committee, 99th Congress, 2nd session.

June 26, 1986 --House Report 99-660 on H.R. 4827, "False Claims Amendments Act of 1986."

July 28, 1986 -- Senate Report 99-345 on S. 1562, "False Claims Reform Act of 1985."

Congressional Record

July 29, 1986 -- Senate, S9805-9816. Statements by Grassley, Cohen and Hatch introducing amendments reached by a compromise between S.1562 and S.1134.

Aug. 11, 1986 -- Senate, S11238-11249. Statement by Dole introducing S.1562 for consideration, followed by a statement by Grassley discussing the changes incorporated in the amendments, and passage of the bill.

Sept. 9, 1986 -- House, H6475-6488. Statement by Glickman introducing H.R.4827 and commenting on changes in the language of the qui tam provisions, administrative remedies and contract disputes act. Fish discusses amendments dealing with the intent standard and burden of proof. Brown discusses consequential damages and civil investigative demands. Bedell makes general statement. Passage of bill.

Oct. 3, 1986 -- Senate, S15018-15023. Introduction of Grassley amendment No. 3214 to S.1562. S15036-15064. General statement by Grassley introducing Senate-House compromise bill S.1562, a summary of agreed-upon changes and Senate concurrence in the compromise bill.

Oct. 7, 1986 -- Senate, S15515. Introduction of omitted remarks of Oct. 3, 1986 concerning a summary of agreed-upon changes after negotiation of S.1562.

Oct. 7, 1986 -- House, H9382-9389. Introduction by Glickman of the Senate amendments to the House amendments. Berman reads in legislative history. House concurrence in the compromise bill.

Nov. 3, 1987 -- House, H9515. Colloquy between Berman and Glickman.

Oct. 18, 1988 -- Senate, S16704-16706. Clarification of provision of False Claims Act Amendments between Grassley and DeConcini.

Oct. 18, 1988 -- House, H10641. Statement by Berman regarding retroactivity application of False Claims Act.