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“Feds Accuse Martin’s Point of Defrauding Military Health Plan”

Phillips & Cohen partner Jeffrey Dickstein was quoted in the Portland Press Herald about Phillips & Cohen’s whistleblower lawsuit against six healthcare providers that the Department of Justice joined.

“The defendants were aware of these significant errors but chose not disclose the impact of the errors to the government despite their obligation to do so,” said Phillips & Cohen partner Jeffrey Dickstein. 

“(Department of Defense) payments to the health care defendants were pursuant to an agreed-upon formula which was based on many factors, including patients’ previous diagnoses. The ‘qui tam’ (whistleblower) lawsuit alleges that unbeknownst to DOD, from 2008 until 2012, a government contractor made two significant errors in calculating payments under the formula. These errors made patients appear sicker than they really were, causing DOD to pay the healthcare defendants hundreds of millions of dollars more than they were entitled to,” Phillips and Cohen said in the statement.

Read the entire article, “Feds accuse Martin’s Point of defrauding military health plan,” Portland Press Herald, March 13, 2024.


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