Phillips & Cohen has been aptly named “a qui tam powerhouse” and “Giantkillers of the Whistleblower Bar.”

Our lawyers have had unmatched success representing whistleblowers in qui tam lawsuits brought under the False Claims Act.

For more than 30 years, Phillips & Cohen’s qui tam cases have had a major impact in stopping fraud and abuse in a number of industries, including healthcare, pharma and defense. We know how to protect our whistleblower clients and how to deal with the many challenges whistleblowers may face.

Representing whistleblowers isn’t just one aspect of our practice – it is all we do.

Whether it’s a ground-breaking case or a straightforward one, we have the skills, experience and resources to pursue the best possible outcome for our whistleblower clients.

We have been lauded for our decades of success on behalf of whistleblowers with awards such as “Plaintiffs’ Hot List,” “500 Leading Lawyers in America” and “Attorneys Who Matter.”

Our cases span from Medicare and healthcare frauds to defense contracting frauds and cybersecurity frauds. Some examples of our landmark qui tam whistleblower cases include:

Phillips & Cohen is one of the nation’s most prominent law firms specializing in whistleblower cases.

For more examples of how we’ve helped our whistleblower clients expose and stop fraud, see our Successful Cases .

When you choose Phillips & Cohen, you get the knowledge and experience of a team of attorneys with decades of experience working on False Claims Act cases. Among our whistleblower lawyers are:

  • Erika Kelton, who represented the leading whistleblowers in the Glaxo and Pfizer cases, which settled for the largest amounts ever for qui tam cases.
  • Peter Chatfield, whose significant healthcare fraud cases included one against Adventist Health System’s that was the largest settlement of a whistleblower case alleging payment for physician referrals.
  • Colette Matzzie and Stephen Hasegawa, whose state and federal whistleblower cases involving healthcare fraud and government contract fraud have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Peter Budetti, the former “anti-fraud czar” for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Jeffrey Dickstein, a former assistant US Attorney, and Amy Easton, a former senior trial lawyer for the Justice Department, who led the groundbreaking investigation of a qui tam case that resulted in settlements with more than 500 hospitals.
  • Claire M. Sylvia, a Phillips & Cohen partner whose treatise on the False Claims Act is often cited by judges and other attorneys in their own qui tam cases.


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