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John R. Phillips


Mr. Phillips was a driving force in the passage of the False Claims Act Amendments in 1986, which turned the Civil War law into the heralded fraud-fighting tool we know today. Now retired from the firm, he recently served as US Ambassador to Italy.

Mary Louise Cohen

Ms. Cohen, a founding partner of Phillips & Cohen LLP, has been called the “queen of qui tam” and recognized as one of the “500 Leading Lawyers in America” and “a legend for creating [the] qui tam/whistleblower practice.”

Erika A. Kelton

An internationally recognized whistleblower lawyer, Ms. Kelton’s cases have recovered billions. She has represented whistleblowers in record qui tam cases and recovered the largest SEC whistleblower reward. She has been named “Whistleblower Lawyer of the Year,” as well as one of the “500 Leading Lawyers in America.”

Peter Wilson Chatfield

With more than two decades of experience representing whistleblowers, Mr. Chatfield has achieved significant results for his clients, particularly in healthcare fraud cases. His work was included in National Law Journal’s recognition of Phillips & Cohen as “Elite Trial Lawyers.”

Colette G. Matzzie

Ms. Matzzie is consistently named one of the “500 Leading Attorneys in America” by Lawdragon. Her whistleblower cases against healthcare companies and government contractors have helped return hundreds of millions of dollars back to US and state treasuries.

Claire M. Sylvia

As the author of a widely cited treatise on the False Claims Act, Ms. Sylvia is a thought leader in the qui tam bar. Her views on whistleblower laws are sought by federal and state legislators as well as the news media. She has had many successful cases against defense contractors and healthcare providers.

Stephen S. Hasegawa

Mr. Hasegawa’s work was recognized by the National Law Journal with the “Elite Trial Lawyers” award to the firm. His whistleblower cases have returned millions to schools and helped stopped fraud schemes involving Medicare and a disabled vets program.

Jeffrey W. Dickstein

As an Assistant US Attorney in the Southern District of Florida, Mr. Dickstein investigated and prosecuted numerous Medicare fraud cases against hospitals, health systems and doctors. Mr. Dickstein has won numerous Justice Department awards, including one for his work on a whistleblower case involving 500 hospitals.

Sean X. McKessy

Mr. McKessy was the first Chief of the SEC Office of the Whistleblower. Under his leadership, the SEC whistleblower program achieved unprecedented success in record time, with more than $504 million in recoveries and more than $85 million paid in whistleblower awards.

Dr. Peter P. Budetti

Known as the “anti-fraud czar,” Dr. Budetti served as a deputy administrator at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. He is a physician as well as a lawyer and has exceptional expertise in Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Bruce A. Cohen

As former chief counsel and staff director for the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mr. Cohen has been described as “one of the most influential lawyers on Capitol Hill.”

Larry Zoglin

A former Assistant US Attorney and Fulbright Scholar who also studied at a Zen Buddhist monastery for 11 years, Mr. Zoglin has represented whistleblowers whose cases have recovered millions from hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and pharma companies.

Amy L. Easton

As a former DOJ Senior Trial Counsel for 12 years, Ms. Easton investigated and prosecuted many significant healthcare fraud cases, including one involving more than 500 hospitals that settled for $282 million. She is a recipient of the Dept. of Justice’s Special Commendation Award.

Matthew Smith

Mr. Smith has worked on several healthcare whistleblower cases including matters against healthcare giant HCA and Medtronic Spine LLC. He also assists in the evaluation of potential new whistleblower cases.

Edward H. Arens

Mr. Arens has represented clients under the qui tam, SEC and IRS whistleblower programs including one whose whistleblower case returned $68 million to schools, libraries and other government-funded entities in California.

George Collins

Mr. Collins is skilled in handling whistleblower cases involving large, complex data-sets and those involving software fraud.

Taeva Shefler

Ms. Shefler graduated cum laude from New York University School of Law. She represents whistleblowers in Phillips & Cohen’s San Francisco Office.

Emily Stabile

Ms. Stabile joined Phillips & Cohen after graduating from Berkeley Law at the University of California.

David Jochnowitz

Mr. Jochnowitz, a Harvard Law School graduate and former Peace Corps volunteer, works on whistleblower cases brought under federal and state false claims laws and the Securities and Exchange Commission whistleblower program.

John W. Tremblay

Mr. Tremblay, a graduate of Berkeley Law at the University of California, works on whistleblowers cases brought under the False Claims Act and the SEC and CFTC whistleblower programs.

Alexander Westerfield

Mr. Westerfield, a Stanford Law School graduate, works primarily on whistleblower cases involving financial fraud and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations.

Rebecca Pearl Chang

Ms. Chang graduated from Harvard Law School, where she was an editor-in-chief of the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review and a Dean’s Scholar in Corporations, Property and Taxation.

Luke J. Diamond

Mr. Diamond joined Phillips & Cohen after graduating from Berkeley Law at the University of California.

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