Learn about Phillips & Cohen’s long history of success for their whistleblower clients by checking out our whistleblower cases, client comments about us, and personal accounts of whistleblowers’ experiences.

Successful Whistleblower Cases

See a list of our successful whistleblower cases that have stopped all kinds of wrongdoing and helped recover more than $13 billion for the government and investors. We have won cases on behalf of our whistleblower clients against companies in industries that include healthcare, pharma, defense, and finance.

Glaxosmithkline – $3 Billion

Two whistleblowers represented by Phillips & Cohen LLP provided the government with overwhelming evidence that was at the heart of the government’s case against GlaxoSmithKline — whose global headquarters are in London, UK — and the record-setting $3 billion settlement.

Pfizer Inc – $2.3 Billion

The decision by a Pfizer sales representative in Florida, represented by Phillips & Cohen, to file a whistleblower (“qui tam”) whistleblower lawsuit in 2003 kicked off the federal and state investigations that led to Pfizer’s record-breaking $2.3 billion settlement.

More Cases

See a full list of our successful whistleblower cases that have stopped all kinds of wrongdoing and helped recover more than $13 billion for the government and investors.

Whistleblower Stories

Here are stories of whistleblowers in a variety of circumstances who were represented by Phillips & Cohen attorneys. These whistleblowers exposed Medicare fraud, defense contractor fraud as well as Wall Street fraud and their experiences as whistleblowers varied.

Martin Mansukhani

Martin Mansukhani alleged in a whistleblower lawsuit that Prime Healthcare and CEO Dr. Prem Reddy paid kickbacks to a cardiologist by buying his practice and surgical center for far more than they were worth and paying him a steeply inflated salary in exchange for referring patients to Prime hospitals. The defendants paid $37 million to settle the case in 2021. Read about Mansukhani’s experience in Medscape.

Gloria Pryor

Gloria Pryor, Michael Payne and Melissa Church worked at an Adventist Health System hospital in North Carolina in various administrative capacities. Together the three employees, represented by Phillips & Cohen, brought a qui tam lawsuit alleging Adventist paid doctors for improper referrals to the hospital system. Adventist paid the government $118.7 million in 2015 to settle the lawsuit. Read their story in Health System Specialist’s feature on whistleblowers.

Kosovo Law Institute Documentary

A documentary produced by the Kosovo Law Institute and the US Embassy in Pristina features the stories of many US whistleblowers. The documentary includes an interview with Phillips & Cohen partner Erika Kelton about US whistleblower laws and programs. Watch the documentary.

More Stories

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What Our Clients Say

Phillips & Cohen is proud of its whistleblower clients and is committed to each of them. Here’s what former clients and others say about the high-quality and effective representation our whistleblower lawyers provide.

  • “I must say that Erika [Kelton] and her firm were absolutely astounding … Their honest opinion in forecasting the various scenarios in my case was extremely valuable. Their extent of knowledge from a legal perspective is overwhelming. The firm has a great team of brilliant minds that work together.”
    – SEC international whistleblower client who received one of the largest SEC whistleblower awards ever issued (more than $32 million)
  • Phillips & Cohen “always protected not just my interest from a financial point of view but my well-being.”
    Whistleblower client Robert Baker, as told to the National Law Journal.
  • “I knew that most of the time it doesn’t work out well for whistleblowers even when they affect change, but my engagement with [Phillips & Cohen] was so positive.”
    Whistleblower client Matthew Burke, as told to Lawdragon magazine

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Phillips & Cohen and Your Case

Phillips & Cohen has secured a remarkable 22 Dodd-Frank whistleblower awards through the SEC whistleblower program and CFTC whistleblower program on behalf of our clients. We attribute our success to the wealth of experience, extensive knowledge, and substantial resources at our disposal, all of which significantly impact the results of our clients’ whistleblower cases.

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