Whistleblower FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

1) Can Phillips & Cohen represent me if I don’t live in the city or state where the law firm has an office?

Yes, Phillips & Cohen represents clients across the country and has represented whistleblowers from 24 different states. It has an office in Washington, DC, to work more closely on its clients’ qui tam cases with trial lawyers and officials at the Justice Department’s headquarters, where most of the case planning and decision-making occurs.

2) Will Phillips & Cohen charge me to evaluate my qui tam case?

No. Phillips & Cohen evaluates potential qui tam cases without charge. If you decide to retain us and we agree to represent you, we charge a contingency fee, meaning you pay us only if your qui tam case is successful.

3) How much will my qui tam case cost me?

We will work for you on a contingency basis, so you only pay us if the government recovers funds and you are paid a reward. Phillips & Cohen will pay whatever expenses are necessary to provide a thorough and effective representation, hiring experts, paying for any travel costs, document costs and litigation expenses. If the qui tam case is successful, we are entitled to seek reimbursement of those expenses from the defendant (the company or individual accused of defrauding the government).

4) How will Phillips & Cohen staff my qui tam case?

All of our qui tam cases receive personal attention from one of the firm's partners. Collectively Phillips & Cohen's partners have more than 80 years of experience in a broad range of false claims matters. Qui tam cases are assigned to attorneys who have had experience working on related matters.

5) Does Phillips & Cohen have the resources to devote to the litigation of major cases?

We commit whatever resources are necessary to win our clients’ cases. For two of our most high-profile qui tam cases – two lawsuits brought by whistleblowers against the nation’s largest for-profit healthcare provider, HCA – the costs exceeded $5 million. This included the costs of Medicare reimbursement experts, deposition transcripts, copying charges and other expenses. We assembled and directed a team of more than 70 lawyers from more than five law firms from around the country to handle the litigation. HCA paid $631 million to settle those two qui tam cases and a separate one brought by another whistleblower.