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Defense Contractor Fraud

Record success for whistleblowers in defense contractor fraud cases.

Phillips & Cohen has represented whistleblowers in successful “qui tam” cases against defense contractors for more than 20 years. We have the expertise, experience and resources to pursue cases against large defense companies that are cheating the Pentagon and federal agencies and potentially compromising the security of our country.

Some of the defense contractors that we have filed whistleblower lawsuits against and won settlements are Northrop Grumman, Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), Alliant Techsystems, Louis Berger Group and American Systems.

We achieved a record settlement in a qui tam case against Northrop Grumman. Northrop paid $325 million to the government to settle the whistleblower lawsuit, which alleged the company had suppressed information about faulty components in military satellites. It was the largest qui tam settlement ever paid by a defense contractor and the second largest settlement of any kind involving defense contracting fraud. The whistleblower received a reward of $48 million.

Whistleblowers can play a key role in combating defense-contracting fraud, even in instances when classified programs may be involved.

Phillips & Cohen is one of the few whistleblower law firms – if not the only one — that has an attorney with a security clearance. This enables the firm to work with the U.S. Department of Justice on cases involving classified information.

If you know of fraud by a defense contractor – whether it is in the US, Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere – and would like to discuss your options, please contact us.

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