George Collins

Mr. Collins is skilled in handling whistleblower cases involving large, complex data-sets and those involving software fraud.

Phillips & Cohen associate George Collins combines his skills as a lawyer with his expertise in data analysis to benefit our whistleblower clients.

Mr. Collins has worked on whistleblower matters involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud, including risk-adjustment fraud by Medicare Advantage plans and pharmaceutical pricing fraud; contract overcharging in military and civilian contexts; software development contracting fraud; illegal high-frequency trading; and bid-rigging and kickback schemes.

His practice is focused on two types of whistleblower cases: data-centric cases in which large, complex datasets provide primary evidence of fraud, and software-centric cases in which software is either the subject of fraud or used to commit it. He is fluent in multiple programming languages and draws on diverse analytical methods (including machine learning, natural language processing and complex systems modeling) to address challenges that arise at all stages of a case.

Most recently, Mr. Collins helped achieve a $108.75 million settlement with KBR for allegedly defrauding the United States Army in connection with KBR’s contract to supply troops in the War with property and materials.

Mr. Collins received his law degree from Yale Law School and concurrently received a Masters of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. During his joint-degree program, Mr. Collins focused on the intersection of data analysis, statistical modeling and legal and policy concerns.

He co-founded a clean-technology startup based in Connecticut, which he advised on statistical techniques and software issues. As an intern with Islands First, he assisted small island states with legal analysis during the international climate negotiations. He also served as a research associate at the Kohala Center in Hawaii.

He is admitted to the bar in California.

Mr. Collins volunteers with a number of nonprofits to work on a variety of climate-related issues.

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