Phillips & Cohen represented Julie Darity in a qui tam lawsuit against her former employer C.R. Bard Inc. that alleged the company was offering illegal kickbacks to entice doctors and hospitals to buy Bard’s products at an inflated price.

Bard paid $48.2 million to settle the qui tam case. Darity received a whistleblower reward of 21 percent of the recovery under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act.

Darity discussed her case and her experience as a whistleblower on PBS NewsHour

A story about Darity ran in The (Macon) Telegraph. Here is an excerpt.

Medical company agrees to pay $48.2 million in federal whistle-blower lawsuit filed by Macon woman

In 2001, Julie Darity first noticed something amiss at the job where she had worked for 13 years.

She found that her employer, C.R. Bard Inc., was offering illegal kickbacks and was selling its radioactive seeds used to treat prostate cancer at inflated prices, which Medicare was paying.

Darity, 56, said she reported what she suspected was questionable activities to her supervisors. . . . Her job was eliminated in November 2005, soon after an investigation was launched into her whistle-blower complaint.

“Tens of millions of dollars are going back into the taxpayers’ pockets,” Darity said. “I like to think this will be a deterrent for this type of behavior.”

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