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President Biden Stresses Fraud Enforcement in State of the Union Speech

Fraud Enforcement Matters.

The past year saw the Department of Justice recover over $2 billion in cases under the False Claims Act. Those cases included settlements in cases brought against pharmaceutical companies for paying kickbacks to influence the use of their products and that undermined the integrity of federal health care programs, as well as cases against health care providers charging the government for medically unnecessary services that also risked patient safety.  The roster of settlements also included settlements in cases involving covid relief fraud, failure to comply with cybersecurity requirements, and providing the military with defective equipment.

As President Biden stated in his State of the Union Speech, “the data shows that for every dollar we put into fighting fraud, the taxpayers get back at least 10 times as much. It matters. It matters.”  The recovery of taxpayer dollars taken through fraudulent schemes that undermine government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, that risk the safety of military personnel, or that knowingly overcharge for goods and services, means much-needed funds are available to implement the government programs Americans rely upon. 

The Government has recovered over $72 billion in cases brought under the False Claims Act since Congress amended the Act in 1986, increasing the incentives and protections for private individuals with information about fraud against the Government to bring that information to the Government’s attention.  It matters.

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