WASHINGTON, DC – A federal False Claims Act lawsuit was filed in May 1995, by Phillips & Cohen, on behalf of Robert A. Giardini, a former vice president of Teledyne Systems Co.

The lawsuit involved issues as to whether Teledyne was properly allocating, between the government and commercial customers, indirect costs relating to calibration services. Teledyne’s accounting methodology for calibration services had been the subject of administrative discussions with the government for several years.

Teledyne has entered into a contractual settlement that resolves both the administrative issues with the government and the lawsuit, pursuant to which Teledyne will pay $13.95 million to the government.

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For more information, see the following news stories:

  • “Teledyne units settle ’95 suit for $14 million,” Karen Kaplan, Los Angeles Times, 11/13/97.
  • “Teledyne ponies up, settles suit,” Len Boselovic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/13/97.
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