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“These Law Firms Handle The Most False Claims Litigation”

Law360 reports that Phillips & Cohen LLP led the way in the number of qui tam cases filed over the past five years and talks to firm partner Erika Kelton to find out why so many whistleblowers choose Phillips & Cohen.

Phillips & Cohen partner Erika Kelton told Law360 that whistleblower law is a competitive area and that she believed that Phillips & Cohen’s experience working as a whistleblower specialist “longer than anybody else” was a significant reason why plaintiffs choose the firm.

“What I have experienced over the years is that whistleblowers are smart, they do their homework, and they often will talk to several different whistleblower attorneys before selecting one,” Kelton said. “And they want to go with a lawyer, generally, who has shown a track record of success, which we have, who is respectful of and aware and sensitive to the experiences that they’re going through and the risks that they’re facing.”

Phillips & Cohen came in just ahead of fellow whistleblower specialists Brown LLC, Mahany Law and Bracker & Marcus LLC, each of which represented relators in more than 30 public false claims cases over those five years.

Read the entire article, “These Law Firms Handle The Most False Claims Litigation,” on Law360’s website.

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