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“Trump Branding Whistle-Blower a ‘Spy’ May Fuel Impeachment Probe”

Phillips & Cohen whistleblower attorney and founding partner John Phillips considers the consequences of President Trump’s attacks on whistleblowers in a Bloomberg article:

“The law says we will give protections to whistle-blowers to have the confidence to come forward,” said John Phillips, whose Washington law firm represents whistle-blowers. “You have to do that in this world because we know how whistle-blowers can get chewed up and pay a huge price for revealing information that’s harmful to others.”

Phillips said that Trump’s comments could have a chilling effect on would-be informants.

“If the president calls a whistle-blower a spy, he’s discouraging others from coming forward,” Phillips said. “Who wants to be labeled as a spy by the president?”

Read the entire article, “Trump branding whistle-blower a ‘spy’ may fuel impeachment probe,” on Bloomberg’s website (subscription required). 

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