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Whistleblower group has concerns about attorney general nominee’s commitment to qui tam cases

Taxpayers Against Fraud (TAF), a public interest non-profit dedicated to promoting and protecting government whistleblower programs, sent a letter on Jan. 10 to the Senate Judiciary Committee to express its concerns about the nomination of William Barr to serve as US Attorney General.

Below are excerpts. The entire letter from TAF is posted here.

“The Honorable Lindsey Graham, Chairman

The Honorable Dianne Feinstein, Ranking Member

Re: The Nomination of William P. Barr to serve as the United States Attorney General

Dear Chairman Graham and Ranking Member Feinstein:

As the leading non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of the effectiveness of federal whistleblower programs, Taxpayers Against Fraud (TAF) takes this opportunity to communicate its serious concerns in connection with the nomination of William P. Barr to serve as Attorney General of the United States. This letter describes the basis for these concerns.


For more than three decades, the False Claims Act has served the Department of Justice and the American taxpayer extraordinarily well. Based upon Mr. Barr’s own words, it is essential to determine his willingness to respect the intent of Congress and support the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act. We strongly recommend that you ask Mr. Barr to state publicly and in detail his current views on the constitutionality and efficacy of the qui tam statute, and on any negative consequences that he believes have resulted from its enforcement. We further recommend that you ask Mr. Barr to affirm that, if confirmed, he will ensure the DOJ enforces the False Claims Act and implements the qui tam provisions diligently and in strict accordance with the statuary language and Congressional intent.”

Read TAF’s entire letter.

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