About the Firm

Phillips & Cohen is one of the few law firms devoted exclusively to representing whistleblowers in cases brought under federal and state whistleblower reward programs. We are the only law firm that has won for its clients whistleblower rewards under three separate government programs: the False Claims Act, the Securities and Exchange Commission whistleblower program and the Internal Revenue Service whistleblower program.

We stand out for our work on whistleblower cases in four ways:

1) Our record of success with whistleblower cases
2) Our attorneys
3) Our approach to qui tam cases, IRS, SEC and CFTC whistleblower cases
4) Our expertise in whistleblower reward programs and whistleblower litigation

Phillips & Cohen's record of success with whistleblower cases

Phillips & Cohen's attorneys

  • A founding partner, John R. Phillips (now retired), played a key role in helping Congress write and pass the modern-day False Claims Act that strengthened the whistleblower provisions and increased the reward for whistleblowers.
  • Peter P. Budetti, an attorney and physician, is a former deputy administrator with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Phillips & Cohen partner, Claire M. Sylvia, is the author of a leading legal reference book on the False Claims Act and qui tam lawsuits, which is cited in qui tam cases and court rulings.
  • Another partner  Erika A. Kelton is a regular contributor to Forbes.com, where she writes about whistleblowers, fraud and related issues in her online column, Fraud Matters.
  • Other partners include a former Senate committee counsel, a former Department of Justice appeals court attorney, a former Assisant US Attorney, and experienced litigators from the nation's best law firms.
  • Phillips & Cohen attorneys have an expertise in all government whistleblower reward programs - qui tam, SEC, CFTC, IRS and state whistleblower reward programs -- that few other law firms can match. The firm's lawyers have been pioneers in applying the False Claims Act to recovering funds in such diverse areas as medical lab testing, municipal bond sales and foreign military aid.

If you are considering filing a qui tam lawsuit or a whistleblower claim and would like to discuss the matter at no charge, please contact us.

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