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Healthcare Fraud – Kickbacks and Qui Tam Cases

One of the most complicated and troubling aspects of the health care system involves hidden financial arrangements between various health care providers. There are a variety of improper arrangements where providers will provide some material benefit in return for other providers prescribing or using their products or services.

In most instances, such arrangements are illegal. Doctors are supposed to decide on the most appropriate treatment for their patients without consideration of their own financial interests. Kickbacks often result in medically unnecessary treatment.


In the largest Medicare fraud settlement, TAP Pharmaceuticals paid the government $875 million to settle criminal charges and two qui tam lawsuits, including one brought by whistleblowers represented by Phillips & Cohen. The government and whistleblowers alleged that TAP had paid illegal kickbacks to doctors to prescribe Lupron, its prostate-cancer drug.

Qui Tam Whistleblowers We have earned our clients more than $730 million in whistleblower rewards and recovered more than $11 billion through our cases.