P&C's Successful Whistleblower Cases

Phillips & Cohen's record of success with whistleblower cases brought under the False Claims Act, similar state false claims laws and other government whistleblower programs is unmatched by any other law firm. Our whistleblower cases have recovered more than $11.6 billion in civil settlements and related criminal fines, and we have won more than $1 billion in whistleblower rewards for our clients.

We won two clients the largest whistleblower award the SEC has made (more than $30 million) and the third largest SEC whistleblower reward (over $3 million) under the Dodd-Frank whistleblower program. We also have secured several whistleblower rewards for a client from the IRS.

A federal judge noted in one of our False Claims Act whistleblower cases, "The willingness, resources, and persistence of [Phillips & Cohen], proved crucial to the survival of this litigation, which resulted in a significant recovery to the United States." We handle all of our cases with that same willingness, resources and persistence, and that shows in our results and the whistleblower rewards we win for our clients.

DefendantSettlement AmountAllegations
GlaxoSmithKline$3 billion*Off-label marketing, kickbacks – 6 drugs
Pfizer Inc.$2.3 billion*Off-label marketing of Bextra
TAP Pharmaceuticals$875 million*Kickbacks to doctors
HCA Inc.$631 million*Medicare fraud (cost reports)
Cephalon Inc.$425 million*Off-label marketing
DaVita Healthcare Partners$400 millionKickbacks to doctors
Northrop Grumman$325 millionFalse certification (electronic components)
Quest Diagnostics$302 millionFaulty medical tests
Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, et al.$200+ millionYield-burning of muni bonds
Los Angeles DWP$160 millionOvercharging (electric rates)
Mario Gabelli and his affiliates$130 millionTelecom licenses
Adventist Health System$118.7 millionStark Act violations (physician referrals)
Teledyne Inc.$115 millionFalse certification, overbilling
Northrop Grumman$111 millionOverbilling (defense contracts)
National Health Laboratories$110 million*Unnecessary blood tests
Boehringer Ingelheim$95 millionOff-label marketing, kickbacks
Verizon$93.5 millionBilling fraud
Quorum Health Group$85.7 millionMedicare fraud (cost reports)
Defense contractor$82 millionImproper cost allocation
Ortho-McNeil Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Ortho Mc-Neil Pharmaceutical LLC$81 million*Off-label marketing (Topamax)
Community Health Systems hospitals$75 millionIndigent care funds scheme
Medtronic Spine LLC$75 millionMedicare fraud billing scheme
100 hospitals$74 millionMedicare billing fraud (kyphoplasty back procedure)
Louis Berger Group$69.3 million*Billing fraud (Afghanistan contract)
Office Depot$68.5 millionOvercharging for office supplies
Toshiba Corp.$63 millionDefective laptop computers
General Electric$59.5 millionDiversion of foreign military aid
7 hospitals (Texas, Calif., Fla., Nev.)$55 millionMedicare fraud (cost reports)
Singer Co.$50 millionFalse cost and pricing data (defense contract)
C.R. Bard Inc.$48.2 millionKickbacks to doctors and hospitals
Ensign Group$48 millionNursing home billing fraud
Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc.$47 millionOvercharging, kickbacks - blood tests
Alpharma Inc.$42.5 millionKickbacks to doctors (Kadian)
MetPath and MetWest$39.8 millionBilling for unnecessary blood tests
Alliant Techsystems (ATK)$37 millionSold defective military flares to US military
3 physician practice groups (University of Washington)$35 millionOverbilling Medicare and Medicaid
Home health agency, Calif.$33.8 millionMedicare fraud
Inter-Tel Technologies, et al.$33 millionBid-rigging, fraud (E-rate programs)
Formosa Plastics Corp. USA$22.5 millionFailure to meet certain industry standards
James Jones Co., Watts Industries, Tyco International, Mueller Co.$20.8 millionSubstandard parts for water supply systems
Orphan (Jazz Pharmaceuticals)$20 millionOff-label marketing of Xyrem
Sodexo Inc.$20 millionKickbacks (food, beverage contracts)
Omnicare Inc.$19.8 millionKickbacks (nursing homes pharma contracts)
Chartwells, Compass Group USA, et al$19.4 millionMismanagement of school meals programs
Doshi Diagnostic Imaging Services$15.5 million*Medicare, Medicaid fraud (billing)
Harris Co. Hospital District$15 millionMedicare, Medicaid fraud (billing)
Adventist Health$14.1 millionKickbacks for patient referrals
SavaSeniorCare, Mariner Health Care, et al.$14 millionMedicare, Medicaid fraud (kickbacks)
Allegheny Teledyne$13.95 millionBilling fraud - defense contracts
FMC Corp.$13 millionBilling fraud – defense contracts
SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories$13 millionBilling for unnecessary blood tests
Northrop Grumman$12.5 millionTesting of electronic components
Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC)$11.75 millionSole-source contract fraud
CA Technologies$11 millionBilling fraud
MetPath and Unilab Corp.$11 millionBilling for unnecessary blood tests
Corning Clinical Laboratories, Unilab Corp.$11 millionBilling for unnecessary blood tests
Damon Clinical Laboratories$9.8 millionBilling for unnecessary blood tests
Tenet Healthcare Corp.$9.75 millionMedicare fraud (cost reports)
KPMG$9 millionMedicare fraud (cost reports)
U.S. Renal Care$7.3 millionOvercharged Medicare for dialysis patients' drugs
Florida radiologist$7 millionMedicare fraud (medical scans)
Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies$7 millionDefective medical monitoring devices
Sharp Memorial Hospital$6.2 millionMedicare fraud (transplant costs)
Providian Financial Corp. and Total System Services$6 millionU.S. Postal Service fraud
CSX Transportation$6 millionOvercharging – government contract
Omnicare Inc.$5.3 millionMedicaid fraud (pharma billing)
Hughes Aircraft$4 millionFalse certification (electronic components)
American Systems, Anixter and Corning$3 millionKickbacks to win CIA contracts
Cypress Pharmaceutical and Hawthorn Pharmaceuticals$2.8 millionFalsely marketing pharma products as approved by the FDA
Singulex Inc.$1.5 millionBilling fraud (blood tests)
ev3 (Medtronic)$1.25 millionMedicare fraud billing scheme
Gilbane Building Co.$1.1 millionFraud in government construction contract
Rocky Mountain Instrument Co.$1 millionITAR and arms control violations

*Includes related criminal fine and/or other qui tam cases.