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Medicaid consulting group investigated for fraud

Maximus, Inc., a Virginia company which did consulting work for the District of Columbia, either “willfully or recklessly” submitted inaccurate Medicaid bills on behalf of the District, according to
U.S. Department of Justice criminal division lawyers.

A whistleblower suit was filed under the False Claims Act and dismissed, but the government continues to investigate the company. Maximus had a consulting arrangement with the D.C. Child and Family Services Agency, under which it was paid 10 cents of every Medicaid dollar it helped the city recoup. The whistleblower suit said that the $30 million Maximus recovered for the city was grounded in fraud, and that more than half of the foster children for whom Maximus prepared Medicaid claims had no record of actually having received services.

The Washington Times ran a February 12, 2007 story on the developments.

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