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“Providers hope for Stark overhaul to boost value-based payment”

Phillips & Cohen partner Peter Chatfield contributed the fraud-fighter’s perspective to a Modern Healthcare article about possible pending changes to the Stark Law, a key regulation that penalizes healthcare providers for making medial decisions based on financial self-interest.

Some observers are skeptical that changing the Stark rule by itself will speed the sluggish growth of value-based payment. They argue that other factors such as providers’ failure to streamline clinical processes and unrealistic savings targets are at least as important in slowing progress


Others worry that new safe harbors and other relief from Stark and anti-kickback rules could open the door to fraud and patient harm, as well as giving hospitals camouflage to engage in anti-competitive conduct that boosts prices. 

“Fraud prevention is always trying to catch up to the innovations of entrepreneurial rip-off artists coming up with new ways of cheating the system,” said Peter Chatfield, an attorney with Phillips & Cohen in Washington who represents healthcare whistleblowers. 

Read the full article, “Providers hope for Stark overhaul to boost value-based payment,” on Modern Healthcare’s website. 

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