WASHINGTON, DC – Lawdragon magazine features a profile of Phillips & Cohen LLP and its whistleblower practice in its most recent issue, calling the law firm, “The giant killers of the whistleblower bar.”

Lawdragon says: “Facing possible job loss, isolation and unimaginable stress, whistleblowers need courage. They also need the right help: Lawyers with skills, resources and tenacity who possess the ability to become good friends and listeners while keeping their eyes on the higher purpose of corporate reform. Enter Phillips & Cohen.”

Lawdragon’s annual list of the “500 Leading Lawyers in America” is the cover story of the same issue. Two Phillips & Cohen partners, Erika A. Kelton and Colette G. Matzzie, were named to the highly selective list.

“Kelton is a national leader in whistleblower, or qui tam, cases filed under the False Claims Act and state false-claims laws, as well as whistleblower cases under federal provisions relating to the Internal Revenue Service, Securities & Exchange Commission and Commodities and Futures Trading Commission,” said Lawdragon.

The magazine notes that the whistleblower case Ms. Kelton brought against GlaxoSmithKline was a major piece of Glaxo’s $3 billion healthcare fraud settlement with the government in 2012.

Lawdragon says Ms. Matzzie was selected for the “500 Leading Lawyers” list because she is “a top advocate for whistleblowers with a proven track record taking on government contractors and program participants as well as companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare industries.”

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