Colette G. Matzzie

Ms. Matzzie is consistently named one of the "500 Leading Attorneys in America" by Lawdragon. Her whistleblower cases against healthcare companies and government contractors have helped return hundreds of millions of dollars back to US and state treasuries.

Colette G. Matzzie, a partner at Phillips & Cohen, represents whistleblowers in a wide variety of qui tam cases brought under the federal False Claims Act and similar state false claims laws.

Her practice includes pursuing fraud cases that involve healthcare fraud, defense contractor fraud and government procurement fraud as well as other types of wrongdoing involving recipients of federal and state funds.

Ms. Matzzie has been named one of the “500 Leading Lawyers in America” for the past 11 years by Lawdragon magazine based on her work representing whistleblowers. The CBS series, “Whistleblower,”  devoted an entire episode to two of her whistleblower cases and included interviews with her.

Some of her more prominent cases are:

  • A ground-breaking whistleblower case against eClinicalWorks, an electronic health records company, that alleged eCW falsely represented that its EHR system complied with federal “Meaningful Use” requirements and offered kickbacks to customers. The case settled for $155 million and was featured on the CBS series, “Whistleblower” (Episode 6). Additional settlements against electronic health records companies include Konica Minolta in 2020 ($500,000), CareCloud in 2021 ($3.8 million), Modernizing Medicine in 2022 ($45 million), and NextGen in 2023 ($31 million).
  • A qui tam case brought under the False Claims Act against Verizon Communications that resulted in a settlement of $93.5 million.
  • A whistleblower case against Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), which paid $95 million to the government to settle allegations that BI marketed three of its drugs for “off-label” uses and paid kickbacks to boost sales.
  • Two qui tam cases against separate chains of pain management clinics, one alleging the clinics billed for unnecessary urine drug tests (part of a $24.5 million settlement) and the other alleging the clinics billed Medicare for “P-Stims” and other devices that Medicare doesn’t cover ($7.4 million settlement).
  • A whistleblower case against Sodexo involving illegal retention of “off-invoice rebates” paid by food vendors from public schools and universities that were in effect kickbacks. The $20 million settlement was the largest non-Medicaid fraud settlement under the New York False Claims Act.
  • A qui tam whistleblower case against Chartwells, a school food services contractor, for allegedly serving poor quality or spoiled food to students and causing Washington, DC, public schools to pay millions more for the school meal program than it should have. The case settled for $19.4 million and was later the focus of an episode of the CBS series, “Whistleblower.” (Episode 6.)  (Hear about the Sodexo and Chartwells cases in the podcast, Left Over, Episode 4.)
  • A qui tam case against AAR Corp. and a subsidiary alleging that the defense contractor failed to properly maintain aircraft used to transport troops in Afghanistan. AAR paid $11 million to settle the case, along with a $429,000 fine to the FAA over the safety concerns.
...while we were suing on behalf of the government, our goal was always to ensure quality school food programs for the kids.
  • A whistleblower case brought by a doctor that resulted in stopping illegal importation of oncology drugs.
  • Two path-breaking cases alleging submission of false claims for Social Security Disability benefits by two private disability insurers, the Unum Group and Cigna.
State legislatures should be considering ways they can encourage and reward whistle-blowers to help law enforcement, which will benefit all of their citizens, rather than enacting statutes that allow businesses to hide their criminal practices behind closed doors.

An experienced appellate litigator, Ms. Matzzie has played a lead role in litigation of whistleblower cases, arguing cases in the US District Courts and the US Courts of Appeals. Two notable victories include published decisions awarding whistleblower clients “relator shares” recognizing the whistleblower’s substantial contribution to the success of the qui tam action.

She also assists counsel for other whistleblowers with qui tam litigation in the federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court. Ms. Matzzie has spoken at conferences on legal issues arising under the False Claims Act, healthcare and procurement fraud, and amendments to the qui tam law.

Prior to joining Phillips & Cohen, Ms. Matzzie served on the civil appellate staff of the US Department of Justice for five years. In addition, she served as a trial attorney on the Justice Department’s Tobacco Litigation team.

From 1995 to 1999, Ms. Matzzie was a staff attorney with Public Citizen Litigation Group where she litigated cases concerning public health and safety, access to information, consumer protection, separation of powers and access to the civil justice system. She has served on the adjunct faculty at Georgetown University Law Center, teaching a seminar on “Public Interest Advocacy.”

Ms. Matzzie graduated magna cum laude from the Georgetown University Law Center. She was Senior Articles Editor of The Georgetown Law Journal. After graduating, she clerked for the Honorable Dolores K. Sloviter, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. She is the 1995 recipient of the Frederick B. Abramson Public Service Award.

Ms. Matzzie is a member of the US District Court for the District of Columbia; the US Court of Appeals for the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, DC and Federal Circuits; and the US Supreme Court. She also is a member of the District of Columbia bar.

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Watch an excerpt from Whistleblower, featuring Ms. Matzzie speaking about her client Brendan Delaney, whom she represented in the ground-breaking case against eClinicalWorks.

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