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Our Approach

Phillips & Cohen takes an active, aggressive role in pursuing whistleblower cases and advocating on our clients’ behalf. We believe in our clients. Based on our decades of experience working with the government on whistleblower cases, we know that our efforts make a crucial difference in whether a whistleblower case is successful and how large our client’s reward is.

This means:

  • We actively advocate on behalf of our clients from the time we accept a case until the case is resolved and our clients are rewarded, if government funds are recovered.
  • We work with our clients to gather evidence and analyze data about the fraud and if needed, hire experts to investigate and gather additional information.
  • Once we have put together the strongest case possible, we present the allegations and supporting evidence to the government in the most effective way to convince the government to join the case. This effort is very important. Justice Department support tremendously improves the odds that a qui tam case will be successful. In tax cases, IRS support for a whistleblower claim is essential as whistleblowers can’t pursue claims on their own.
  • We are committed to providing whatever resources are needed to win a case. Phillips & Cohen assembled a multi-law firm team of 40 lawyers from six law firms and spent $30 million to litigate two related qui tam lawsuits against healthcare giant HCA Inc. HCA eventually paid the government a total of $631 million as a result of our qui tam cases alleging Medicare fraud.
  • We work collaboratively with the government based on decades of experience to produce the best results for our whistleblower clients. As a U.S. district court judge noted in an important ruling that increased the reward for one of our clients, the work of Phillips & Cohen with the Justice Department was a “collaboration of a group of impressive professionals acting skillfully in concert.”

We review at no charge information from whistleblowers to determine whether there is sufficient evidence for a qui tam case, an IRS whistleblower claim or an SEC or CFTC whistleblower claim and whether it is a case we can accept. Please see use this form to contact us for the fastest response.

We represent whistleblowers on a contingency basis, which means we don’t charge our clients a fee unless our clients receive a reward.

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