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“Wheeling Hospital agrees to $50 million settlement with DOJ”

The Intelligencer writes about Wheeling Hospital’s $50 million settlement of Phillips & Cohen’s qui tam case that alleged kickbacks and Stark Law violations.

“Intimidation is a scare tactic often used against whistleblowers,” said Jeffrey Dickstein, a partner and whistleblower attorney with Phillips & Cohen in Miami. “We are not going to tolerate baseless lawsuits against our clients.”

 Amy Easton, a whistleblower attorney and partner with Phillips & Cohen’s office in Washington, D.C., called the case “significant” for the amount the hospital will have to pay as part of the settlement. Easton said it’s a warning for hospitals and doctors to follow Stark Law.

“It is important that doctors recommend treatment plans based on what’s best for patients rather than what’s best for profits,” Easton said.

Read the entire article, “Wheeling Hospital agrees to $50 million settlement with DOJ,” on The Intelligencer’s website.

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