David Jochnowitz

Mr. Jochnowitz, a Harvard Law School graduate and former Peace Corps volunteer, works on whistleblower cases brought under federal and state false claims laws and the Securities and Exchange Commission whistleblower program.

David Jochnowitz, a Harvard Law School graduate, is an associate at Phillips & Cohen who works on whistleblower cases brought under federal and state false claims laws and whistleblower claims with the Securities and Exchange Commission and IRS whistleblower programs.

Some of his cases include:

  • SEC whistleblower claims relating to private equity fraud, accounting fraud, disclosure failures, misleading financial products and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations. The SEC was able to stop two fraudulent investment schemes as a result of his cases.
  • IRS whistleblower claims involving complex transaction structures used by wealthy taxpayers to improperly reduce their taxes.
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud qui tam cases alleging unnecessary and sometimes harmful medical treatment, kickbacks and fraudulent billing practices. This includes a qui tam case against multiple blood testing labs for allegedly paying doctors kickbacks to order medically unnecessary tests that has resulted in $54.5 million in settlements so far.
  • Fraud relating to security flaws in government technology contracts.

While at Harvard, Mr. Jochnowitz was a student attorney for legal services for indigent clients in Boston, Jamaica Plain (MA) and the Bronx (NY). He was a summer associate at McKinsey & Co. and Brooklyn Legal Services Corp. A in New York City. For nearly two years, he also worked for an anti-foreclosure initiative, Project No One Leaves in Boston, where he led recruitment and training and worked with tenants and former homeowners.

Mr. Jochnowitz joined Phillips & Cohen after working for a private law practice in New York City. He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi (Africa) for two years before he attended Harvard.

Mr. Jochnowitz is admitted to the bar in New York and Washington, DC.


Mr. Jochnowitz started a nonprofit, Success in Kapiri, that works with a school for children with disabilities, orphans and others in rural Malawi.

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