Phillips & Cohen launches redesigned Web site

Phillips & Cohen launches this month its redesigned Web site that offers even more comprehensive information about the False Claims Act and qui tam lawsuits than its previous one. (

The firm redesigned its Web site to be a greater resource for those seeking information about the False Claims Act as well as those considering filing a qui tam (whistleblower) lawsuit.

Phillips & Cohen's original site was selected earlier this year as one of the 100 best law firm Web sites out of 4,000 reviewed by Red Street Consulting in terms of content, presentation and experience. Red Street's partners recently published a book about law firms and the Internet.

To make the site even more useful, many of the features have been improved and updated, including:

  • An explanation of how the False Claims Act works.
  • Descriptions and examples of many different kinds of fraud that have been or could be the basis of qui tam lawsuits, such as various Medicare fraud schemes, public works fraud and customs fraud.
  • A bibliography of news articles about the False Claims Act and qui tam cases.
  • An explanation of the reward that whistleblowers are entitled to if their qui tam case is successful. 

New features have been added to the site, also. Some of these are:

  • Articles about the False Claims Act written by the firm.
  • Stories about whistleblowers -- those who filed qui tam lawsuits as well as one who blew the whistle before the False Claims Act was amended in 1986 and suffered greatly for doing the right thing.
  • A list of key congressional documents related to the passage of the 1986 amendments to the False Claims Act, and the congressional testimony of John R. Phillips, a founding partner of Phillips & Cohen.

    As part of its commitment to keeping a useful resource, the firm will update the site monthly.